Launch Your Career. Intern.

As an intern take your classroom knowledge to the next level. Since starting an internship program in 2018, Matern Staffing has provided over 25 students with internships across the industries of engineering, marketing, business, cybersecurity, environmental science, staffing, and more. Matern Staffing partners with local colleges and organizations to connect the future workforce with the area’s top employers.

Available Intern Positions

Human Resources Internship (Fredericksburg, VA)

Business Intern (remote)

Discover Your Career Potential

Group of college students ready to intern

Industry Focus & Expertise:

  • Business Intern
  • Marketing Intern
  • Communications & Public Relations Intern
  • Environmental Science Intern
  • Engineering Intern
  • Human Resources Intern
  • Clean Energy Intern
  • Regulatory Affairs Intern

Internship hours range from 20 to 40 hours per week, with potential for flexible scheduling (remote/hybrid) depending on the opening.

Our Services & Benefits

  • Personalized career counseling to ensure you’re matched with an employer who meets your career goals and personal needs
  • Weekly pay with direct deposit
  • Resume writing assistance
  • Assistance with sharpening interview skills
  • Skills assessment to assist in matching with prospective employers
  • Valuable insights into in-demand skills and industries
  • Access to a wide range of opportunities and employers
  • Health insurance benefits


Matern Staffing provides equal employment opportunities to all employees.

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Resources for Interns


benefits of an internship

Benefits of
an Internship

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Adventures of
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Intern Testimonials

“I set a goal to find a job where I could gain experience in the communication field and gain insight on what it’s like to run a business. My first day on the job, I knew immediately Matern was going to be the perfect fit!”

Delia R.

Business Intern, Matern

In finishing my first year of law school, I found the skills I learned from Matern have allowed me to feel more comfortable in public speaking and interviewing clients who are seeking legal aid.”

Emily H.

Business Intern, Matern Staffing

“Teresa has provided me the best experience I could ask for, and helped me to get into a better internship than I thought I would ever get. I highly recommend Matern to anyone who is motivated to find employment that is a good fit for them.”

James P.

Cybersecurity Intern, public utility company

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