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Direct Hire & Executive Search

In every sector, our Direct Hire & Executive Search staffing solution embodies our commitment to securing ideal long-term hires for your business. Leveraging our extensive resources, we meticulously handle the recruitment, interviewing, and hiring processes, allowing you to concentrate on core business operations

Direct Hire



Reduced Time: By assuming responsibility for recruiting, screening, and interviewing, we expedite the hiring process. Each candidate undergoes rigorous evaluation to ensure alignment with both required skills and organizational culture before presentation to the employer.


Greater Candidate Pool: Our focus on permanent positions attracts a wider array of job seekers, including passive candidates seeking stability and benefits. This heightened competition results in a richer selection of highly qualified individuals for these coveted roles.


Decreased Risks: Long-term commitment and loyalty characterize candidates pursuing permanent positions, minimizing turnover and associated risks commonly associated with temporary employment arrangements.

Direct Contract

Contract-to-Hire Placement

Our Contract-to-Hire placement solution provides a chance for discovery between the employer and employee. It’s an opportunity to see if they’re a great fit for each other over a set period of time. Then, if the candidate is the right fit, the employer hires the employee and brings them onto their team.

Contract-to-Hire placement allows potential employees to prove their skills and traits while learning about the company. It also allows candidates to narrow down career path options.

Save Money & Time! 

Employers save money and time by contracting an employee for a trial period. Employers learn first-hand whether the candidate fits the role and company culture. A contract-to-hire candidate also provides a fresh perspective on tasks and processes. If the candidate is the right fit, the employer gains a proven employee committed to the job.

Interim Placement

Many businesses experience staffing problems due to constantly changing needs. Our interim staffing solution will provide resources during peak seasons, vacationing or sick employees, and finite project deadlines.  Matern Staffing helps you maintain stability and quality production in your business. Whether your needs are same-day, short-term or long-term Matern Staffing will be glad to assist you with our qualified personnel and professional services, therefore allowing you uninterrupted business operations.

included services

Complimentary Services

Here are some of the complimentary services and resources clients receive throughout a partnership with Matern Staffing:

  • Complete candidate readiness plan (interview and resume coaching, skill assessment)
  • On-site job fairs
  • Recruitment flyer design and distribution with metrics
  • Multimedia marketing
  • Job description library
  • Job title optimization
  • Salary guide and research
  • Pre-employment skill tests and assessments tailored to your job requirements
  • Online and social media recruitment
  • On-site job tours
  • Resume sourcing
  • Candidate profile assessment
  • Confidential on-site or virtual interviews


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