Employer FAQ
Get Answers to Your Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use your staffing services instead of recruiting and hiring on my own?

With over 55 years of expertise in staffing, we possess an in-depth understanding of the challenges surrounding recruitment. Our extensive experience enables us to provide customized staffing solutions that directly address common pain points in businesses such as high turnover rates, scarcity of qualified candidates, prolonged time-to-fill, and high hiring costs.

Through continual engagement with job seekers, we maintain a competitive edge in sourcing and attracting top talent. Beyond traditional recruiting and hiring services, we offer a suite of 13 complimentary solutions designed to alleviate the burdens associated with workforce management. Moreover, we assume all associated risks, including covering unemployment taxes and workers’ compensation insurance.

We recognize that hiring needs are diverse and unique to each business. Therefore, we collaborate closely with our partners to design customized staffing solutions tailored to their specific budget, time, and operational requirements.

What types of positions do you fill?

We fill positions across nearly every industry in direct hire, contract-to-hire, or temporary/interim placement.

Which industries do you provide hiring for?

We place job seekers in nearly all aspects of the following industries: accounting and finance, administrative, sales and marketing, government, information technology, paralegal, and supply chain/light industrial.

How quickly can you fill a position?

It depends on the skills and experience requirements of the job. We’ll also take into account the current hiring trends, salary range, and location when providing an honest estimate upfront.

Can you accommodate special requests, such as background checks or drug screenings?

Yes, at your request we are able to process additional screenings such as background checks, credit checks, drug screenings, and reference checks.

What is included in the bill rate?

Your hourly bill rate includes wage and payroll administration, workers compensation, state and federal unemployment taxes, FICA, and year-end W-2s. We pay employees weekly, directly through us – it’s that simple!

Can you help with the job ad description?

Yes, we customize all of our job postings to align with your business’ specific job duties and requirements. We also highlight your company culture and background so candidates have a snapshot of who they’d be working for. We’ll also optimize the job title and job description based on hiring insights so the right candidates see your job posting in search results across job boards and search engines. With our extensive library of custom job descriptions we can quickly and accurately attract top talent! 

Can I hire an employee before their contract expires?
Certainly! We will work with you to determine a smooth transition plan for the employee and employer.
Our business is growing, and we need to hire more workers quickly. Can you help?

Yes, we are the area’s premiere large volume staffing agency. Our Volume Staffing Solution enables businesses with peak season, finite project demands, and increased operational needs to easily and effectively maximize productivity. We can rapidly respond to your business’ changing needs and quickly hire and onboard many associates across all industries. With volume staffing we’ll meet your operational needs so you can focus on your core business goals.

How will I get billed?

We mail invoices weekly.

How can I learn more about partnering with Matern Staffing?

We’d love to learn more about the hiring needs of your business or department. Please complete the Request Talent form or call us at 540-604-5000 to get started. 

Successfully matching job seekers and employers for over 55 years.