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“Matern Staffing helped me find a career and grow from Equipment Operator to Site Manager”

“I went from being a forklift driver to a forklift trainer”

“They’re very personable people…they’re there when I need them.”

“Matern Staffing is always there for you like family”

Finding a job through Matern has been one of the best decisions I ever made. Their dedication to helping you succeed is truly unparalleled. They don’t just find a job for you; they continually work with you to ensure you find long-lasting employment with every tool for success that you could possible ever need.

- Charles R.

I have never applied for a job, interviewed, been hired, and started so quickly in my 25 years of working (all in 5 days)! I recommend this company for your staffing needs! And I love my job so far!
- Joshua M.

Matern Staffing worked with me through the hardest of times, when I was learning to manage being a single parent and being employed. I’m eternally grateful and couldn’t have asked for a better facilitator of my future.

- Jay A.

As I have now completed my first year of law school, I have found that the skills I learned from Matern have allowed me to feel comfortable in public speaking and interviewing clients who are seeking legal aid.
- Emily H. (intern)

A wonderful experience, very very friendly staff & they placed me in 1 week. I would refer my friends & family. Oh almost forgot very clean & caring environment! I give them a 10.
- Lateefah W

I wanted to let you know that things are great at my new job. I love it, and I just wanted to thank you again so much for the opportunity. Now I can help put my family in a better position. Thank you so much!
- De’Angelo K

I came to Matern Staffing 10 years ago seeking a new opportunity. Today, I’m still with the company they connected me to, and managing that office. Their staff truly cared for my future and directed me to a great position that has lead to a wonderful new career.
- Morgan A.

Each of my experiences with the Matern Staffing team has been memorable and restored my faith in the past years’ unsteady workforce culture. Ms. West’s personage far exceeded my expectations.
- Lydia B.

I really enjoy the opportunity Matern Staffing gives me to work full time, locally and get paid weekly! If you are looking for employment I recommend Matern Staffing.
- Reggie D.

I’ve been working with Matern Staffing since 2010. I love getting the chance to work for multiple companies through Matern Staffing and find the entire staffing team to be a great help in making sure that I have a job when I need one! I highly recommend Matern Staffing to any employment seeker.
- Gregory J

Matern Staffing helped me get my foot in the door with one of the country’s largest building material providers. I now enjoy a permanent job with a great company that provides me with a great benefits package. If you need a job, make sure you check Matern Staffing first!
- Michael B

I wasn’t looking for full time work because I am retired. Matern Staffing gives me the ability to work only when I want to and I find their staff to be friendly and helpful. I love their direct deposit option and weekly pay! They give me the flexibility to enjoy my retirement and still work when I want. I highly recommend you give Matern Staffing a call!
- S. Lewis

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