Matern Staffing LOVE Sign (LOVEworks)

With our rich Virginia history, we knew we had to share our LOVE for this beautiful state by creating our very own Virginia LOVE sign.

In July 2019, hobbyist woodworker, Kyle Allwine of AA Farm Woodworking, handcrafted and installed a LOVEwork sign for Matern Staffing’s indoor office space. Matern Staffing’s LOVEwork reflects the industries, materials, and local businesses that are dear to our company. 

About Each Letter: 

L: features a framing square symbolizing the cabinetmakers and panel/truss builders that we employ 

O: features a hard hat symbolizing the manufacturing and production plants with which we do business 

V: wrapped in copper symbolizing the copper stills of long-time client A. Smith Bowman Distillery. Watch the details of the copper overlay process. 

E: the vertical piece features a level symbolizing the workers and businesses in the construction and metalworking industries; the horizontal pieces feature clipboard clamps symbolizing the sturdiness and convenience with which our administrative and factory clients take in and process information.

All letters are made of solid red oak. 

The wall with LOVE lettering

Feel free to visit our office during regular business hours to snap a photo. Be sure to share your pictures on Facebook at or by tagging @MaternStaffing on Instagram or Twitter and using the hashtag #LOVEVA.

Learn more about all the local businesses featured in the handcrafted goods and services in our office.

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