Success Stories

Success stories are the result of people working together towards a common goal. Matern Staffing provides exceptional talent and service through building relationships and understanding business’ needs and job seekers’ career goals. Read and watch success stories about how Matern Staffing helps local businesses find superior talent, therefore simplifying their hiring process and helping with their business goals.

Watch the Success Stories

“Matern Staffing helped me grow within the company and now I use them to find new employees”

“They’re very personable people…they’re there when I need them.”
“They’re very personable people…they’re there when I need them.”

“Matern Staffing changed our whole dynamic around.”

More Success Stories

Global Roofing & Building Materials Manufacturer

“Matern has been able to find candidates at all stages of their careers, including Director and Vice Presidents.”

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Leading Local Property Management Company

“We’re excited about our new long-term relationship after your ability to fill schedule gaps, constant communication and customer service.”

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Global Steel Market

“We appreciate your exceptional customer service and quick response time when providing highly qualified applicants.”

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National Concrete Engineering & Manufacturing Client

“We’re blown away by your customer service – it is a breath of fresh air.”

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Local Public Utilities Department

“She was quick to catch on to our systems and demonstrated professionalism throughout her tenure with us.”

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