Working in an internship position provides valuable work experience, networking opportunities, career exploration, and a chance to develop one’s skills. While working at Matern Staffing this summer, Madison gained these skills (and more) while enjoying a lot of laughter. Read on to learn more about Madison’s adventures of a summer internship.

Madison (aka Madi) is a graduate of Massaponax High School and a rising junior studying Psychology (with a minor in Biology) at James Madison University. In the classroom she enjoys studying the experimental and data-driven aspects of psychology. After completing a summer internship in our office, she’ll have many valuable experiences to draw upon. 

Setting Internship Goals

When Madi began her summer internship she set a few goals for herself. She wanted to gain real world experience, learn business knowledge and employment laws, connect with people, and develop people skills. She quickly learned the ropes of Matern’s busy staffing agency. Therefore, a day didn’t go by when she wasn’t working towards one of her goals.  

Developing Skills & Gaining Experience

Madi spent a lot of time talking to employees and candidates over the phone and in-person about interviews and career opportunities. She warmly checked in candidates for their appointments and helped answer any questions they had. In the beginning she asked employees and candidates to be more patient with her as she learned the processes. Then, as she gained more experience talking to people, she developed her communication skills better and answered questions more confidently. 

Madi's adventures of a summer internship included working at the front desk greeting guests and talking on the phone

Matern Staffing serves job seekers and employees across nearly all industries and experience levels. Therefore, working at Matern connects you to people from all backgrounds. Madi realized that when someone walks in the door or calls on the phone, you don’t know what they’ve been through recently or what they’re currently going through. So, when talking with guests who felt frustrated about something, Madi learned lessons in being patient and calmly adapting to help as best as she could. Even though she doesn’t like confrontation, she felt those challenging situations enriched her experience so she can apply her newly learned skills in the future. Every day at Matern Staffing is different (and some days can be challenging) but Madi realized that making everyone who walks through the door feel supported can make all the difference. 

When Madi wasn’t answering phones or talking to visitors she processed employment applications, verified employment eligibility, and collaborated with teammates about payroll processing. She noted that one of her favorite projects was updating and organizing the new employee binders. In between her hard work she loved getting to know everyone in the Matern office and the contract employees and getting to spend time with Matern’s resident pup, Riley!  

What’s Next for Madi

Madi standing next to the Matern LOVE signMadi is excited about moving into her new apartment in a few weeks and starting her junior year where she’s enrolled in abnormal psych and ecology. Outside of the classroom and office she enjoys reading, listening to music and going to the gym. And, of course, she loves spending time with her friends and family. 

We’re so grateful for Madi’s help this summer and we wish her the best of luck in the future. The Matern Staffing door is always open for more adventures in learning, lessons and laughter. 

Next Steps

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Source: “Employers Planning to Hire 9.1% More Interns for Summer 2023 Programs”, National Association of Colleges and Employers, April 2023,