With new ownership in the new year, Matern Staffing plans to more regularly visit our employees and employers in the field. We want to better understand the work environment, required skills and responsibilities, and team morale so we can grow our relationships with our employees and employers, better communicate information to job seekers, and maintain a productive and positive working environment.

Last week, I visited a local plant in Fredericksburg where I learned how to label and perform quality checks on the corrugated panels manufactured in the plant. I gained helpful insight into how the plant works and reconnected with our employees and employers during my on-the-job training and pizza lunch. Thank you to Plant Manager Ken Boggs, Nick (who trained me) and the rest of the team for spending time with me and giving me a glimpse into your day.

Let’s work together! Contact me if you’d like me to spend the day learning your job!

Stay tuned to see where you’ll find me next…