When April moved to the Fredericksburg region, she faced the daunting task of starting over in a new location without many local connections. For 15 years, she worked as a merchandise buyer in the retail industry in South Carolina. She enjoyed this role but felt ready to move beyond. Little did she know, she was about to embark on a fulfilling career transformation into marketing thanks to Matern Staffing.

A Transformative Process

During April’s job search, she connected with Ginni of Matern Staffing. Ginni reached out to her about a position with a local organization that perfectly matched her skills and interests. Ginni facilitated the entire interview process, providing invaluable guidance and support. April notes that, “She also helped me prepare for the interview, which I believe was crucial in making a strong impression. After I was hired, Kelly and the entire Matern Staffing team provided exceptional support, ensuring a seamless transition until I became a permanent employee.”

Now, in her new role, April’s days are diverse and fast-paced, keeping her constantly engaged. April’s responsibilities range from event branding through graphic design to creating social media content, preparing for events, handling post-event tasks, and taking on various special projects. The alignment of these tasks with her interests often makes it feel effortless.

Growth in Graphic Design

Since starting this job, April has experienced significant professional growth. She’s expanded her network across different industries and gained insight into various fields. She’s also developed new skills that complement and enhance her existing strengths. Additionally, she’s learned a great deal from her amazing colleagues, making every step of this journey a win-win situation.

One specific accomplishment that stands out since starting is solidifying her role as a graphic designer. Before this position, April characterized herself as an “unofficial graphic designer.” However, she fully embraces that title in this new role. Working on signature events has been particularly rewarding. April compares combining company branding with event design to creating seasonal fashion collections—a refreshing and creative challenge.

Keeping an Open Mind

Reflecting on her journey from being recruited through a staffing agency to where she is now, April’s advice to anyone considering a similar path is to keep an open mind. Matern Staffing is incredibly supportive and engaged from start to finish. Her experience with the team has been overwhelmingly positive, and she is grateful for the opportunities and growth they have facilitated.

In conclusion, moving to a new area and starting over can be challenging, but with the right support, it can also be an incredibly rewarding experience. Matern Staffing played a crucial role in April’s career transition, helping her find a role that suits her skills and aligns with her passions. If you’re considering a similar path, trust the process and the support of a dedicated staffing agency like Matern Staffing. The journey might surprise you in the best ways possible.

Transformative, engaging, and keeping an open mind – that’s April’s story.

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