Even with a looming recession, persistently low unemployment rates, and some internal turnover, Matern Staffing finished 2023 with a strong internal team, new business partners, and winning our first contracting bid. Each of these achievements allows Matern to work towards its mission and vision. Each year presents different challenges, but I have learned to focus on the outcome, learn and move on from it. But, before we jump ahead to 2024, here are the highlights from 2023:

2023 Year in Review statistics2023 Achievements

  • Our contract employees worked over 270,000 hours
  • We provided 769 employees with jobs at nearly 40 unique businesses
  • Our team planned and executed over 100 local on-site job tours and meetings
  • We donated over $22,000 in charitable and in-kind donations to local non-profits
  • Placing over 165 employees into new jobs within 2 months following a manufacturing plant shutdown

Looking Ahead to 2024 & Beyond

Matern has ambitious long-term goals, including the integration of automation into our processes, expanding our presence, and maintaining a commitment to providing valuable services to both clients and employees. Our aim is to expedite the placement of candidates into fulfilling careers with our business partners, leveraging innovative technology to achieve this. The lessons learned from adapting to the challenges of Covid reinforce the importance of adaptability. In navigating the inevitable ups and downs of the economy, our focus remains on strategic, long-term approaches rather than reacting to short-term fluctuations.

One of our greatest joys as a company is being able to give back to the community. Our mission states, “To build strong relationships with job seekers and organizations to connect the right employee with the right company. When our employees and business partners succeed, families and communities thrive.” We couldn’t have accomplished what we did in 2023 without the support of our employees, clients, staff, community partners, social media followers, friends and family. Thank you for choosing to do business with us – we are so grateful to you! 

We are a team ready to help meet your career goals and find your staffing solutions in 2024. Cheers to a joyful and prosperous 2024!

Whether you’re looking for a job or looking to increase your talent pool, Matern Staffing can help. Contact us today to Find Talent or Search for a Job!