In the face of adversity, Matern Staffing stood tall, ready to tackle the employment crisis triggered by the closure of a major business in our community. This is the story of how Matern Staffing’s commitment and resilience shined brightly, placing over 165 employees back into the local workforce and breathing new life into the region. 

The Effects of a Plant Shutdown

During the fall of 2023, the local community faced a significant challenge with the shutdown of a large food manufacturing business in Fredericksburg, VA. Kelly Roth, COO of Matern Staffing, noted, “I’ve had a 20-year relationship with this client and their employees. When I learned about their plant’s closing, I felt devastated for their employees, our contract employees, and the local community they service.” 

Mobilizing Resources

The impending job losses casted a shadow over the region creating an urgent need for solutions. Recognizing the gravity of the situation, Matern Staffing swiftly mobilized its resources to address the employment crunch. Their commitment to making a positive impact on the community became the driving force behind this remarkable endeavor. “We immediately began working with their plant manager and supporting teams to provide options to all employees to apply for open positions across the region at our other partners,” states Heather Flores, Training Coordinator and Staffing Training & Development Specialist for Matern Staffing.  

This process didn’t happen overnight. Matern interviewed employees over several weeks to learn about their skill sets, career goals, location preferences, and current employment contract. They created talent pipelines based on skills and experience to quickly match candidates with new opportunities in other industries and clients. Matern also helped many employees create or update resumes, which for some had gone untouched for decades. 

From Fredericksburg to Caroline

From Executive Level to production associates, Matern Staffing successfully placed over 165 individuals across a diverse spectrum of positions within 2 months. This not only showcased Matern’s versatility but also ensured that the community regained a broad range of skilled professionals.  

The impact of Matern Staffing’s efforts rippled across geographical boundaries, reaching far and wide—from the bustling streets of Fredericksburg to the quieter corners of Caroline. The agency’s reach extended to every area affected by the business closure, leaving no one behind. In total, nearly 10 local businesses provided new beginnings for over 165 employees. 

Strength & Resilience

Our team successfully navigated this challenging situation because of the long-standing partnership with our clients and the strong relationships with employees. We built trust with the employees by listening to what they needed and collaborating with the closing plant and our local partners to match skill sets with opportunities.”  

It’s no doubt this was a testament to the strength of enduring partnerships in times of need. Kent Zech, Director of Fresh Foods Manufacturing at Hearthside Foods, states, “I am genuinely grateful for the care and effort Matern Staffing invested in our employees. Their support has turned what could have been a setback into a stepping stone for new beginnings.”  

In conclusion, Matern Staffing’s commitment to the community not only salvaged careers but also injected a renewed sense of optimism into Stafford, Spotsylvania, Caroline, King George, and the City of Fredericksburg. This success story is a reminder of the profound impact businesses can have when they prioritize the well-being of the communities they serve. As we celebrate the placement of over 165 individuals, let it be a beacon of hope and resilience for communities facing similar challenges worldwide.