With any challenge comes courage, sweat, change, and reflection. I want to present our 2020 Year in Review before more time passes. 2020 was a year with unique and difficult challenges. Matern Staffing couldn’t have unexpectedly grown without the support of our employees, clients, staff, community partners, social media followers, friends and family. Thank you for your patience, adaptability, willingness to guide us through rapidly changing laws, perseverance and hard work. You have been ESSENTIAL to the Matern Staffing family!

Infographic highlighting the 2020 year in review

We began 2020 celebrating Teresa’s 60th birthday and welcoming Ingrid to our internal team. Then, Covid happened! We quickly shifted gears. We rotated between working in the office and working from home, having daily zoom calls, understanding rapidly changing laws, determining and communicating new safety measures, and learning how to sew masks in the office. Our office creatively started offering drive-up interviews for job candidates.

Our clients’ manufacturing and production demands greatly increased during Covid. Therefore, we ramped up our recruitment and relied heavily on our high school and college candidates through the summer months. We saw nearly a 25% increase in the amount of employee hours and employees placed to work in 2020 compared to 2019. In a pandemic! As the cooler months came, we found solace in supporting local artisans, businesses and outdoor recreation.

Our mission states, “To build strong relationships with job seekers and organizations in order to connect the right employee with the right company. When our employees and business partners succeed, families and communities thrive.” Even though we all couldn’t be together like in a normal year we relied on the strength of our mission to help us feel connected.

We are a team ready to help meet your career goals and find your staffing solutions in 2021. Cheers to a healthy and prosperous 2021!