Ginni visits CellofoamOn the third off-site client visit, Teresa and I visited the sweet work family at a local foam manufacturing plant. Our client manufactures foam-based products for packaging, residential and commercial insulation, marine dock systems and more.

Teresa and I moved heavy blocks of foam along the production line to prep for cutting and shipping. Then we stacked remnants onto large pallets and hauled smaller pieces into the foam grinder to be re-molded at the shop next door. The work was hard and quick, but satisfying to know we helped create a tangible good that a construction company or marine dock would use to better their final product.

Finally, the crew couldn’t have been a nicer bunch. They patiently walked us through the different pieces of their jobs and made us feel like a part of their work family. Thank you for having us!

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Stay tuned to see where you’ll find me next…