Behind-the-scenes with my brother

On Valentine’s Day this week, I spent the day hanging with my brother, Brandon. Brandon began his career as a mechanic nearly 11 years ago after graduating from Nascar Technical Institute in Charlotte. He moved over to the Parts department a few years ago and is currently the Parts Manager.

My family likes to joke with Brandon about his “work” mode because he can be so playful; however, he takes his job seriously and his entire team works hard to make the customer happy. I learned how to pull parts from the shelves for the shop mechanics and drivers who deliver parts to different shops between Northern Va and Richmond. I answered phones and responded to emails about business orders. They showed me how to stock shelves and use their inventory computer system. They even taught me how to use the hand truck for moving tires around the shop. Through all the people I met and learned from that day I really got a sense of family at the shop.

Thank you to Brandon and the rest of the guys and gals who welcomed me at the shop. I enjoyed learning the processes of the parts inventory and delivery functions of an automotive shop.

Let’s work together! Contact me if you’d like me to spend the day learning your job!

Stay tuned to see where you’ll find me next…