Searching for a new job can be time consuming, overwhelming, and just down right hard. What does it take to land a new job?

Let us tell you about a candidate, Mark, who had been having a hard time finding a job in his field. He applied to several companies but wasn’t having success. Hesitantly, he applied for jobs out of state, even though we wanted to stay close to family in Virginia. 

A local church group referred us to him, and he came in to apply for a warehouse job, for which he was overqualified. Realizing his engineering background, Tara referred him to Heather for an opening as an Electrical Engineer. Heather shared the Electrical Engineer job description with Mark and his face just lit up! She encouraged Mark to apply for the Electrical Engineering position, and after a few successful interviews the rest is history. 

Mark started in his new job a few months ago and loves the work and his new employer. The environment is professional and fast-paced, yet very welcoming and positive. Mark has already completed 5 projects, overcoming a huge backlog for our client.

Teamwork, perseverance, and trust coming together – that’s Mark’s story. 

And now it’s your turn. Ready to land your next job? Search our opportunities and get started today. We cannot wait to help you, too! 

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