Let us tell you a story about Tara (pronounced Tau-rah) who wanted to switch careers but had reservations about trying something new. 

For years Tara worked in the hospitality and sales industry but then decided she wanted to explore a different path where she could make a difference, apply her customer service skills, and have a better work/life balance. Tara’s not alone. According to a 2021 report, 53% of people who quit their jobs in 2021 switched their field or occupation.

Two years ago, Tara applied as an Administrative Support Specialist at our office and got the job. She quickly learned how her role would positively impact so many people’s lives, including herself.

Helping Candidates, Employees & Teammates

Tara standing next to the desk ready to help customersShe eased candidates’ worries as she helped them navigate the application, interviewing, and on-boarding process so their transition to full-time employee was easy, efficient, and met their expectations. During busy times she jumped in to help teammates with interviewing, screening, and attending job fairs for the re-entry workforce.

Over the years she also trained and mentored interns so they felt prepared and confident in their role, and whatever came next for them. Most recently she developed an extensive internal training booklet, which will be a valuable resource for years to come.

Overcoming Challenges

She didn’t hit the ground running though. Tara overcame challenges through persistence, gaining knowledge, and being open to change which gradually built up her work confidence. Her newly developed work confidence boosted her self-confidence too, making her feel more empowered in her personal life. 

Why She Loves Working at Matern Staffing

Part of the Matern Staffing team standing outside their officeEach day at Matern is different, which Tara loves because it is an opportunity for problem-solving and learning and makes the day fly by. Outside of the office, Tara enjoyed representing Matern at nonprofit fundraisers and volunteer events and attending unique events hosted by the Fredericksburg Chamber of Commerce. She loved the work/life balance at Matern and is truly grateful for all the opportunities she was given here. 

Tara is relocating out of state at the end of August. Even though this is a huge hole to fill, it’s a great opportunity for the next hard working, ambitious job seeker. 

Persistence, Building Confidence, Gaining New Skills and Teamwork –> that’s Tara’s story while at Matern Staffing. 

We’re so grateful for having Tara with us over the past two years and we wish her the best of luck in the future. The Matern Staffing door is always open to her.

Next Steps

And now it’s your turn! Our opening for a Bilingual Administrative Assistant has been filled, but we still have lots of career opportunities available. Search open career opportunities to learn about all jobs we are hiring for now.

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