Today marks the one year anniversary of the formal opening of Matern Staffing! Wow, did it fly by quickly! Though my grandmother originally started the business in 1967 (read our full history) the company changed names to reflect its expanding business and ownership changes over the years. We rebranded it as Matern Staffing in 2017, paying tribute to the foundation my late mother built. 

The first six weeks as a new small business owner overwhelmed me, but as time went by I felt more settled.  Here’s a quick recap of the exciting things that took place in 2017:

2017 Recap

  • We signed a new client who used to be my first grade PE teacher
  • I started a Where’s Ginni blog series where I visit our employees and employers in the field and learn how to perform their job
  • I joined the Stafford Rotary where I’ve met many new business professionals
  • We became SWaM Certified
  • I reconnected with clients, employees, and office visitors who remember me from my earlier days while working in the office with my mom
  • I shared my story of starting a business at several local speaking events
  • We finished a “Biggest Loser” competition where we lost a collective 50 pounds, and feel more energetic and happy
  • We sponsored several local fundraising events to raise money for schools, animals, and families in need
  • Teresa began the Fredericksburg Leadership program
  • We expanded our service for staffing in Maryland

Thank you to everyone for supporting this amazing opportunity. We look forward to all the exciting things happening in 2018!