Throughout my life I have met and connected with people across different backgrounds, some of whom have overcome challenges in life. These experiences transfer into my professional career and allow me to objectively understand an employee’s present to support their future aspirations. I often tell employees, “It doesn’t matter where you’ve been, it matters where you’re going, so let’s go!”

Providing Support & Opportunity

As a company, Matern Staffing appealed to me because of their positive impact and reputation in the community. Matern Staffing’s mission states, “To build strong relationships with job seekers and organizations to connect the right employee with the right company. When our employees and business partners succeed, families and communities thrive.” I believe that mission means we will treat everyone with respect. We won’t pass judgments as we partner with our clients and employees to reach their goals. At Matern Staffing, a person’s story doesn’t end with challenges in life. When job seekers walk through our door, we give them the opportunity to add chapters to their story.

A few months ago, a job seeker came to us with a past that included barriers to securing employment. I got to know him through Matern’s partnership with District 21, a local reentry program for recently released inmates. He shared his story of where he had been and his hopes of starting over. He often felt defeated because most employers judged him based on his past and their unwillingness to see his potential. With Matern Staffing’s support and connections, I knew his story didn’t end there. He showed determination to rise above everyone’s expectations of failure and a very apparent work ethic. Therefore, I knew immediately I had an opportunity for him to become financially stable and build a successful career.

Achieving Success

A few weeks into his new job, the employee called me to let me know the company already promoted him and that they discussed a future promotion. He is one of many Matern employees who put in the hard work after given the tools to support his success. 

At Matern Staffing, we don’t hand out jobs. We partner with our employees to bring their goals to reality and build lasting relationships. When the employee puts in the work and has a positive attitude, they can achieve remarkable results and grow into a career, not just a job. Ginni Mastin, president and founder of Matern Staffing, always emphasizes that, “Matern provides tools and connections so that any motivated job seeker regardless of their story or background can achieve success.” 

We also work with employers in our community to overcome the stigma that success is only for those without a past. We encourage new beginnings after trials and rely on community resources.

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