“If at first things don’t work out…try, try again!”

Employee Spotlight - Jalen

Sometimes we send employees out on an assignment and it doesn’t always fit perfectly the first time. Then we’ll re-group with the employee and try a different assignment until it feels right for the employee and employer. This is the story of Jalen aka the social butterfly.

Jalen came to our office looking for employment right after high school. We placed him on a few assignments until he found his home at a leading national building supply and manufacturing company in the area. He recently just went permanent with the client! Everyday he comes ready to work with a great attitude. He is eager to learn the ins and outs of being a forklift operator, and is super friendly to everyone he meets. 

Jalen grew up in Westmoreland County and went to Chancellor High School. His first job was in landscaping so it’s no surprise he enjoys hard work and is well disciplined.

Though he loves Virginia dearly, his ideal getaway would be on a vacation in Florida. In his spare time he loves fishing and hanging out with his friends. We appreciate his friendly, hardworking nature and love when he pops by the office to check on us!