Meeting up with Hank at Mercedes Benz of Fredericksburg

Ginni, Hank & Brandon (Ginni’s brother) at Mercedes Benz of Fredericksburg

When visiting Matern Staffing the other week I had the great opportunity to sit down and get to know Hank, one of our former employees. Hank, who just went permanent with Mercedes Benz of Fredericksburg is no stranger to the world of cars. Cars has always been a big part of his career, just as it still is today.

Hank was born in Charlottesville but raised in the city of Alexandria. In 1969 he received his mechanics degree. Then, he left for the west coast and started driving trucks, dump trailers, and cranes for 32 years, on and off. He talked about life on the road being tough, especially for his family. One particular driving and hauling stretch lasted 18 months straight.

Wanting to come home to care for his sick aunt who raised him, Hank eventually came back east. In February 2017, he started driving cars for us at the auto auction, and then hauled parts for Mercedes Benz. Having a long history of driving Hank decided he wanted to get off the road, but stay busy. A few months ago we placed him as a porter with Mercedes Benz. When clients come for car service Hank’s the guy who introduces them to the service advisor. With the fast-paced world we live in now, it may seem inconvenient to work your car repairs into your schedule. That’s where Hank comes in – he’s the first friendly face you meet as you drive up.

We’re grateful to build long-lasting relationships with local businesses and it’s even sweeter when we find a permanent spot for a desiring employee. So, the next time you’re having car service at Mercedes Benz of Fredericksburg, tell Hank we said hello!