The flowers of tomorrow are in the seeds of today! Earth Day 2022 is only a day away and with the beauty of spring and warmer weather in the forecast, it’s a great time to get outdoors and celebrate our beautiful planet. Here are some of our favorite tips and Earth Day 2022 activities in and around the Fredericksburg area:

Make Something

  • Start a vegetable garden: with Square Foot Gardening, it’s so quick and easy to begin! They even provide planting guides, supply lists, and how-to-start videos.
  • Plant a tree: follow REC’s guide and incorporate more landscaping around your home to reduce your home’s heating and air conditioning needs
  • Start a pollinator-friendly garden: bring color and wildlife to your garden and help contribute to the crops
  • Build a compost bin using roofing materials and easy DIY instructions from local manufacturer, Onduline  
  • Reuse, recycle or repurpose those plastic shopping bags: make a basket from plastic bags or find the closest store that collects plastic bags for recycling purposes

Visit a Park, Trail, or River

  • Explore the outdoors with a visit to a local park or trail (learn more in our favorite 8 local hikes guide)
  • Pick up trash with the kids: head out to a local park armed with bags and gloves and pick up trash; or, grab trash when you see it along sidewalks and notice how your kids mimic your actions
  • Attend a local river clean-up: grab some friends and head to any nearby stream or canal or find an organized clean-up to attend

Attend a Local Event

Support Local Businesses that Focus on Plants, Farms, & Energy Conservation