Over the past few years we’ve heard from several employers who think we only provide temporary placements. Today we are debunking the temporary placement myth. While we still provide temporary job placements, the majority of job placements at Matern Staffing are direct hire and contract-to-hire job opportunities. Our company has evolved a lot since its beginning in 1967. We no longer only provide temporary clerical help to accounting firms or temporary production help to industrial businesses.

debunking temporary placement myth

Matern Staffing works closely with its business partners to proactively find the right staffing solution. We understand that every business has unique needs that change quickly, so we stay engaged with our partners to meet their needs!

If your company is new to partnering with a staffing firm, it’s helpful to know the differences between job placement types and how it affects your business:

Direct Hire

With a direct hire position, the employer hires the individual directly from the beginning. First, Matern Staffing works with the hiring manager to understand the responsibilities and requirements for the job. Then, our firm recruits the right individual who matches the criteria and culture of the company. Finally, the individual joins the company’s team and payroll. A direct hire employee is never on Matern Staffing’s payroll.

Employers save time by using Matern Staffing’s extensive recruiting, screening and interviewing capabilities for direct hire placement. Employers also benefit from a greater candidate pool. Job seekers look for the security of a permanent job and benefits, which increases employers’ options for these highly sought-after positions. Finally, direct hire placement generally has decreased risk of turnover because candidates in these roles are more interested in staying long-term.


Contract-to-hire offers an opportunity to see if the employer and potential employee are a great fit for each other over a set period of time. The employee remains on Matern Staffing’s payroll during the trial period. Then, if the candidate is the right fit, the employer hires the employee and brings them onto their team. 

Employers drastically reduce risk and cost by contracting an employee for a trial period. Employers also learn first-hand whether the candidate fits the role and company culture before making a hiring decision.


Sometimes employers need to temporarily fill positions based on vacationing employees, seasonal demand increase, or special project needs. Through our extensive candidate database, social media network, job boards, and outreach programs, Matern Staffing can efficiently recruit and fill staffing gaps.

Temporary employees remain on Matern Staffing’s payroll through the duration of the assignment. Temporary employees can bring a fresh perspective to the company’s processes, boosting morale and efficiency. Being able to increase workers based on demand gives companies greater flexibility. Sometimes, a temporary employee proves so vital to the employer. Matern Staffing has options to bring the employee onto their team permanently.

If your business is interested in learning more about our personalized services, give us a call at 540-604-5000 today!