small businessFifty-one years ago today my grandmother opened her doors of Ann Duffer Personnel in downtown Richmond, Va. Starting your own business presents its own challenges. I can’t imagine how difficult it must’ve been back in 1967 as a woman raising a young family trying to navigate business loans in the conservative South. But then again, my grandmother was Ann Duffer (aka Mimi) and she was a go-getter and a people person!

Coming Full Circle

In reflecting on my grandmother’s staffing career, I realized she was just 35 years old when she opened her doors. She left the more familiar nursing and pharmaceutical sales jobs to pursue the lesser known staffing industry. My mother, too, was just two months into her 36th year when she left the familiar aquatics career to go into staffing. As pure coincidence, I was also 35 years old when I started Matern Staffing last year. 

It’s unfortunate these strong-willed, go-get-em ladies aren’t around anymore. I’d love to pick their brain about the challenges they faced and successes they celebrated. Then, naturally, we’d go out for lunch and wine!

These two women unknowingly helped me pave the way into my new career. Though I don’t have their direct guidance anymore, I inherited their grit and call upon their spirit at times, and can’t wait to see where this journey leads!

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