For our next Behind the Desk installment, get to know more about Teresa West. She’s our long-time Staffing Director, who’s been there through thick and thin for over 15 years.

Describe your current role at Matern Staffing in a few sentences. As Staffing Director, I work with both staffing employees and staffing clients.

Where/what was your first job?
My first job was McDonald’s. I ran one of the first drive thrus in the county.

What do you like most about your job?
The ability to make a difference in peoples’ lives.

Where did you grow up?
Atlanta, GA

What’s the best piece of advice you have for job seekers?
Never settle, never give up, and be confident in yourself and your abilities

What are three words your coworkers would use to describe you?
Giving, loyal and generous

What are your 3 favorite local restaurants?
Mason-Dixon Cafe, Giuseppe’s and Firebirds

What is your favorite thing to do on the weekend? 
Relax and play with my puppy, Brandi, or cook or work in the yard

Where do you most want to travel, but have never been?

I would love to see Niagara Falls.

Are you more of a college or professional football fan? Fave team?
College – Go Georgia Dawgs and go Virginia Tech Hokies!

What’s on your bucket list this year?
Spend Christmas with my family, meet my great nephew, Mike, and purge, purge, purge!

What is the most played song on your music list?
I can’t say there’s just one song. I listen to a variety of music.

Would you rather travel by plane, train or automobile?
I prefer automobile. I am in control of my destination!