Summertime. Most people consider it a time for grilling, chilling, and thrilling. However, hiding beneath the sun-shaded umbrellas is an opportunity for fulfilling. Fulfilling talent, that is. Here are six reasons summertime can be an advantageous period for hiring new employees:

Seasonal Availability of Candidates 

There’s a fresh pool of talent out there with recent college and trade school graduates and students entering the workforce. According to Indeed’s Hiring Insights for May 2024, there were 27 job seekers per “intern” job and 110 job seekers per “apprentice” job in the state of Virginia. With so many students looking for work experience, it’s still a great time to develop an internship or apprentice program and fill those openings.

More Focused Onboarding

Training new hires requires dedicated staff allocating intentional time. This dedicated approach allows for personalized training, better skill development, and a smoother transition, setting the stage for optimal performance when the busy season arrives. During summertime new hires can get up to speed without the pressures of peak business times.

Increased Job Seeker Activity

People often make job changes during summer, which means they spend vacation time and the season’s longer days on job searching and interviewing. Capitalize on those job seekers who have extra flexibility during the summer months.

Prep for the Busy Fall Season

table showing BLS job opening dataAccording to BLS JOLTS data from 2014 to 2023, the months of October, November, and September rank in the top 1, 3, and 4 (respectively) in median non-farm job openings. Prepping during the summer months for the busy fall season allows employees to be fully trained when demand increases. 


Strategically Align New Talent

Based on the Association of General Contractor of America’s 2024 outlook report, the construction sector for public utilities, bridges, water/sewer, healthcare, manufacturing and data center growth should be strong this year. If your business falls into one of these categories, summer is a good time to strategically align new key talent for upcoming projects or important initiatives in Q3 & Q4. 

Boost Team Morale

If summer is your busy season, prevent burnout by bringing in additional staff. In addition, with many employees potentially taking vacations, bringing in new hires can maintain productivity levels.

Make an Impact with Your Summer Hire

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Grilling, chilling, thrilling, and fulfilling – that’s the summer talent hiring slogan.

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