With the holidays around the corner, it could mean some quieter moments in the office. After you reflect on 2019, and thank those who were crucial to accomplishing you goals, it’s time to look ahead. Plans for the new year (and new decade) could include: growth strategies, sales projections and marketing ideas, in addition to the key resources and talent, that will be required.

finding talent in the new year

As you strategize your company’s plans and goals for 2020 and analyze your talent needs, consider the following questions:

  • Do you have Q1 filing, reporting, mailing, scheduling or W-2 prep processes that will require extra staff?
  • Are you launching a new product that will need additional talent resources?
  • Do you anticipate executive level openings?
  • Based on your growth strategies, what areas will require additional support?
  • Are the required skills changing in certain business areas that will affect new talent hires?
  • Which business area(s) could benefit from hiring college interns?

Matern Staffing understands the busy needs of the new year and the priorities associated with hiring top talent. We partner with businesses across nearly all industries. We’ll learn about your needs, goals, and culture so we can quickly and effectively recruit, interview, and hire top talent. Whether your talent needs are for specific projects, executive level openings, or long-term growth strategies let’s work together!