The leaves are falling, the temperatures are dropping and the nights are getting longer. Just as seasons change, hiring needs also fluctuate. In a typical year those hiring trends are easier to predict. The year 2020 has been anything but a typical year. Employers in some industries (such as non-air transportation and warehousing) ramped up hiring while employers in other industries (such as hospitality and leisure) downsized in response to COVID-19.

Two professionals reviewing potential 2020 year-end hiring plan

As your business adapts to the seasonal hiring needs and constantly changing COVID-19 atmosphere, know that we can help! Since the beginning of this year we’ve placed nearly 440 job seekers across the supply chain, transportation, production, office support, and technology industries. Here’s a checklist sure to get you thinking about the busy seasonal needs, priorities that accompany year-end budgets and dynamic hiring shifts due to COVID-19.

  • Do you have year-end purge, inventory or audit processes that need assistance?
  • Have you assessed current talent needs to determine if there are any gaps?
  • Do you anticipate new support personnel as your business adapts to COVID-19 requirements?
  • Will you need executive hiring help for the new year?
  • Is your business experiencing operational growth that needs long-term help in warehousing, distribution, and fulfillment?
  • Are you ramping up production to keep up with customer demands?

Whatever your staffing needs are for closing out 2020 and going into the new year, let’s work together! Building from our fundamentals of quality service, commitment, trust, passion and innovation, our mission is to build strong relationships with job seekers and organizations in order to connect the right employee with the right company.

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