Seija Lopez

Staffing Coordinator

Seija Lopez settled in the Spotsylvania area after being born and raised in Puerto Rico and living in three different states to support her husband’s military career. Along the way she has raised two special needs boys for fourteen years.

Seija joined the Matern team in 2023 after exploring career options upon completing her bachelor’s degree in business administration. Matern’s trustworthy reputation and engaging social media posts immediately caught her attention so she applied, and the rest is history! 

At Matern Seija supports each candidate’s career journey from the phone screen to the interview, coaching, and job placement. She also builds relationships with the business clients she serves and enjoys developing her networking skills while attending community events. Seija’s positive attitude, passion for helping others and desire to learn new skills will help her reach her career goals and make an impact on the community.

Outside of work, Seija loves to spend time with her family and to catch up on reading and journaling. She recently started working out with a personal trainer and started studying herbalism, a bucket list item for her. Seija and her family have fallen in love with living in Virginia (and exploring more of the U.S.A) and she’s very excited about this new career chapter! 

Seija Lopez headshot, Staffing Coordinator of Matern Staffing