Brenda Madero

Recruitment & Engagement Manager

About Brenda Madero

Brenda Madero is from El Paso, TX and has worked for many Fortune 500 companies like Walt Disney World, GE, DuPont and Apple in Mexico, Canada and the US. Brenda’s genuine care for other’s happiness and well-being and her dynamic attitude forms a beautiful springboard for her career at Matern Staffing. 

Prior to joining Matern Staffing, Brenda worked for a staffing company in Austin, TX that specializes in the multi-family industry. At Matern Staffing Brenda engages with clients, connects with employees and helps management with day-to-day operations. She’s also the only Spanish speaking teammate so she helps recruiters, clients, and employees with any translations they need. Brenda feels very fulfilled when she helps people find their perfect job or career and helps clients find great employees.  

When Brenda isn’t working, she spends time teaching yoga (in-person and virtually) and discovering new places. Whenever she can get outside, Brenda embraces it! She enjoys exploring new restaurants and wineries/breweries and cooking or making fun cocktails. If traveling or hiking is possible, she does that too! She lives in Fredericksburg with her boyfriend and two dogs, Bunker (Bernedoodle) and Biscuit (Goldie mix). They bring smiles to her face everyday!